The curved curvature of a baptised breast – and we’ve all of us been a little big bit over-reinvested, don’tcha simply think it?

She lies here a comforting showpiece, a reel of movie-time ‘Lolita’ playing constant and matter of fact rewind up inside of our promiscuously misplaced heads

The natural-born derivative, handheld crucifix – with the fear of God wound-up inside of her pleasuring and pleasing misjudgements

Admits to itself only and forever the next great masterpiece in heavenly sedation – people will turn their chosen intelligence toward her sexual innuendo, fashioned forward and stormed together, whip-smart and real, to form from nothing but ghastly behaviour

Lamb to the amulet slaughter. Daddy’s favoured daughter – her persuasive, pervasive tendencies that tend to hold our cards closer than predisposed even to her bare-naked adultery

Adulthood disobedience rains on in … the broad-minded think-tank who wears nothing but for tank tops and desirably torn off welter-wear belts above the swallow-hole to another portal in chosen choice-d disruption again – we do sink while swimming in

This is the terrible nether region of our ambidextrous souls
And we have seemingly let ourselves be – thanklessly, thankfully imposing

All things considering, she became a word dictionary placed questionably against sexual awareness soon as she grew from a gauche teenager into a poised woman and soon as we weren’t looking

When lack of attention garners and whispers and whistles and mentions … a moment for itself

And no man is privy to this. Even if his ears have been singularly stinging.

They apply with their eyes, only then do they end up with a seedy vision into her predisposed soul – that simian stroll