Poised, perched and gentle arithmetic aside wryly conscientious wherewithal – for the (seen-to-be) unanswerable answers at gladdening hand which beg(,beg, beg) to be forever answered

That problematic yet rather advantageously eerie ability

To reach … For the (seen-to-be) (rhapsodically) unreachable (retrievement)

As a world of working-class/working, class words met with (the unashamedly suggestive)/(never ending) clambering of shy-faced symbols shall eventually, both inevitably mesh themselves miraculously both momentarily back together

Again – And (they) marvellously manage at making seemingly sensical sense (…)

Only ever to preposterously (re)invigorated He, so it seems to be …

Crystallised by the (nocturnal) night, both (mere, eager) might of one such headstrong, Fields Medal-winning anomaly

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