A natural inclination to hold its yearning, earning, burning gaze takes uttermost precedence, and then, so sudden and piercingly silent it starts
To wreak wayward havoc via this overenunciated official Stormcastle of Theirs
All of these-them-there mesmerised multiplications of peppered and seriouslydilapidated homes still littered roundabout one eer-strickenvillage, begins to sprint in the same none-too-discretionary direction – only down
and back on into the churning, burning, borrowing ground and, still
Violently yearning both earning. .. … for another way out and Back to Bodacious life
Silenced, it sleeps
Keeps its bricks -n’ mortar territorial visioNarySupreme… uP UNTil… everything, everything and absolutely motherfuckin* ANYthing noteworthy so much as
Attempts at managingtomake untainted, unperturbed sense yet a(gain)
This house was built for the mice to creep -n’ crawl both stand earachingly tALL