To simply imagine the commonplace complexities which abounded immediately inside of her apartment caused people to turn sufficiently away, simply as that – nowhere to visit not ever anymore

She was brian-locked, utterly disenfranchised and still attempting to smile, a blasphemous mind-numbing smirk rather

For the invisible moments of complete discomfort and catastrophic chaos

And a paralysing body collapses, thanklessly again

Magnetised to all of these theatrical happenings, heightened props placed to show her a way – the marble kitchen counter wherein her frozen-faced frame goes to hold itself eerily still

When to care about caring hurt like hell on hot wheels, where ever was her heavenly moment though – that far away feeling of once more happiness in a gathered nutshell?

Sold her emotional soul, perhaps, to the deathly size of the devil by her door where noone else dared visit anymore

A fighting fit easel stands direct and almost invitingly overhead, not quite though, and all awhile worshipped in equal measure along with her sinking, thinking pills again, too many ways altogether for one submerged brain to lose itself and go

A globular gob-full of disinterested water, followed by a brushed dollop of dosed toothpaste to rub the resilience back in – midst promising and seriously falsified whispers that swear “tomorrow will be a better day”

With her once upon a favourite dress tucked in at the drag of the abstaining hip, she feels for a shape of something worthwhile… nothing

She sits to light one more millionth Rosemary cigarette and cries these unasked for tears which swim freely beneath the straining nature of the struggle which swims vitriolically within

The borrowed bones of her favourite creator…

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