Lately things have really been happening regards my writing and, more importantly, I see that I am thankfully able to manage to adhere to, say, a different person’s understanding of a poem. That is a damn good feeling, so, really, there can be just one such rule – No Rules whatsoever. Write a bad crap poem, ignore a possible comma right there, and just be okay with repeating the same words in one poem til what sits with me simply sits. It all sits, that’s just the thing. I have wanted to create beautiful poetry – or maybe I want to call them stories, I dunno – since I was a small freckled kids with a love of soccer but a seriously insatiable appetite for writing something, anything, a little or a whole lot different. And know what, people’s compliments to date have been pretty bewildering, but to be honest not by my outlandish standards. I dunno again, I suppose I might have a gift of the gab – a mind which can locate the right word and flow. If one poem isn’t for someone then I’m pretty damn sure it will be for someone else. An array spray of multiple words tends to take to ‘interrupting’ my sentences as I write, even this explanation, so really my poems are all rather different. I’m poetic a person but neither am I interested in talking about it too much. They are all mine to enjoy and respect and I do respect the life from all of them and that is cool. How I take to a title for a suitable poem in my day will probably boggle most people but that’s my process to enjoy. It’s a smorgasbord of twisted up and relayed words – all of them mine 🙂