Timber torsos
Timeless beauties – cracked addicts with
Uncontrollable manoeuvrings, a pretty little reconfigured thing peels her eyes wide opened again

From here, then, from everybody
Her body is tight, tense and unsightly with alarm bells at the ready inside

And the slouched over torso is that of a once-upon-a-standing-man = ill-at-ease and ill-prepared to steal her love away

The wheelchair narrowed his route back to a paralysed reality
And his deal with the Devil shall cast no shadow but for the tick-tick-tock of the four-faced clock

The poxy pedant, that plagiarised masterpiece – a boxed-off piece of each

And a whole city of stilted streets wails in complete unison – blinkering, winking deeper down below, wherein the alcohol-felled egos roam …

Holds it’s pity close to it’s stop/start heart of angels-in-disguise
Rebelled in red and it dances with the dread – ‘The Dead of Halloween Night’

The day we die, where will we be?
Stitched to the sight of a lifetime… so it will forever pardon itself and seem