Back to my stomping ground
New barman seemed terribly sound
Offered me a free bottle of Bucky
Here’s the catch
He sold it no more
Cheeky fecker
Saw me coming a mile off
Should’ve know from the smirk on his face
When I entered through the front door
No harm done
I took out my phone and got started on this poem
Looking about it was difficult to place a face
But that was fine
Brought out the loner in me
New and exciting thoughts occupying my mind
A call came through
Didn’t know what to do
I was busy
A call might send me into a tizzy
I answered it anyway
A welcome delay when I realised it was my good friend Laura
Telling me about her day
About how well her kids were doing
Her beautiful daughter, two handsome sons
The pun could go ahead and wait
This was a call I anticipated
Hearing they were doing so well while I drank coffee in the sun
Gave me a rush of blood to the head
We’d continue on, I’d order a banoffi
A good day by all accounts
Then I recalled I wrote a poem about this place before
That barman should’ve been paying me
Using my poems to bring even more people through that door