Carries a thorn in this twisted side and plants himself down upon right round again
Perturbs only ever himself whilst both comfortably concentrated aside entirely vilified
A stark, hardening reality which brings with it these meandering days, albeit rather penniless, uttermost worthless
‘Cept for this one commissioning thing of course

Yet, his tendered care for the tremendous twist and turn of the blistered shoe, which carries with it a precariously pressed poppy bruise, has to mean everything to him, has to make immaculate sense again

And for these far better senses of his to inevitably, invitingly, pour to the sudden surface – an unmatched meticulousness
It is
A complete gaining in the upper-trust echelon

Whispers it to oneself and at fairly pragmatic pace, “I guess you’re something of an artist now, old man”

And one disturbingly worried customer saunters on in – away on a rather ramble-tongued portrayal and painting a frustrated picture all of his own
The other side of an equally bullish two-sided coin

Aggressively confident are they
And together, they begin to add up to one glistening albeit dilapidated piece of the very same thing, bargaining with their worthy worth to place it back together again and for one first time

A fleeting, wind-trapped moment inside of a shut-closed, ransacked whistling old door, wherein these hidden feelings wrestle for the other person’s light-hearted nature to catch some of that exact same wind
The reaction will have to mean everything now –¬†unsure of themselves yet forever sure of the shoe’s whole wide worth – width – in their each and every fleeting, wind-trapped moment within the whistling old doors of their sorry souls