To stave off all of these terrible intrusions going on about the place
Incredibly heady and in far, far more ways than just the one… Trust me
Left, right and seriously centred when it came to her peculiar universe
See, psychosis seems to want to remain resolutely and forever how it has always been
And this particular lady, it does indeed go without saying, needs to deal with all of this time again – replay and rewind ’til finding a surefire way
Any way
Drenched in utter turmoil, ricochet-faced, back and forth it goes more oft than an age-old yo-yo – case of repeating yourself ’til left jaded and relatively insane, just how the definition tends to trend
A pint of Guinness to taste something a little or a helluva lot different – hellbent on the perfect kind of inward destruction – begin from the inside and work it incredibly, intrinsically… carefully!! all of the way on out, fair lady
Can we really cure what continuously informs us it to be oh so very incurable
How fucking juxtaposed can you get in this world!!?
Remember, I will be whispering in your ear time and time again, Go For It…
A parade awaits your every single badged honour
Break that cycle of thought, quite literally in this rather clarifying instance, and the media will soon follow suit, swarming right like the bastards they are
Thirsty for an entirely separate kind of reassurance all of their own
Probably last thing you need, actually… Some people getting to be diluted minus these mental genes

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