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They knelt in and whispered it:: “this non judgemental thing of consequential braveness.” When the chips were InFACT down

That’s PREVIOUSLY when it became certainly a person’s worst CERTIFIable nightmare; what happens to a person when their utilised desires TraGiCaLlY t-r-y and stART all over again(?) “… … … they fend for themselvesFEROCIOUSLY-so and WITH their mere-eager wits…

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—— “Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay(!!!)”

As the judgement call of the century took her calculated breath away, we begin to explain j-u-s-t how it must’Ve felt to have aforesaid knelt down

… and roared in sickening s-i-l-e-n-c-e .. at the state of their own FAte ~~ “while the remainder of the world played… a gAmE with themSelveS named: InStaNtaNeOuS HappyNeSS”