They’ve been thinking about a level of societal sophistication that Will Not Quite QUIT. Midst that memento-of-memoir wired Wisely Inside

Of their high/firing mINd$
Over matter, yet What IF what actually managed to matter meant very exceedingly LITTLE to them, with their wrestling wits UNCEREMONIOUSLY split SINce the brevity of BALANCED beginning:

We seem to have been unwittingly forced(by them?!)

To witness their greatest CrAwL BaCk To bElOnGiNg time again..
To something/mothereffing…


It HAS taken a monstrous mountain-C-L-I-M-B of the mind and you Can,

multiply ALL instances of aforeMENTIONED Dilapidation times/an/UnThiNkAbLe(!!)/thousand..

Trust them, that it HAS been .. an utterly UNheard of level of crashing, thunderous, CAN’Tankerous(“it CAN’t Anchor-US-forever, surely!!”)) collapse

Of inadvertently and unASKED for maniacal intelligence, when one PIECE OF par excellence mind simultaneously SPARS AND parts dissimilar ways

With this… unthinkable sEnSe of… … … nothing worth its WEIGHT-in-word!

As we stILL watch with WIDE/EYED heartb-r-e-a-k and HAVE to ask- ((But what the hell IS HAPPeniNG to them!!!?))

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