Been at it for far too long
Stinky shirts, trousers, not to mention the terrible stench
That out & out pong
My poor mother just shouldn’t have to deal with it
This is it, the day I give up
The day I QUIT!
Maybe just one more cigarette
I know what you’re thinking, not a chance
You cheeky pup
I’m addicted, plain & simple
It’s not like a pimple
Where you can pop the damn thing, say goodbye
Many years of smoking means I have to retrain my eyes
If I see a cigarette I remember the fret I associate it with
& If I still light up then I’ll also have to quench the cancer stick in a makeshift pit
It’s a horrible thing, that’s what they all say
But when you’re meeting a cuter than cute girl you might just need the crutch as such
I met a cuter than cute girl rather recently & this is what she had to say
“Smoke on, when you’re tired & emotional you can’t go far wrong”
But when I kissed her she got that taste of ash
Then again
She smokes too
& it certainly not something to make me dash
In the other direction
Quite the opposite in fact
Truth told, to look at this girl would give any full-blooded man an ……..
Sorry that’s a little crass
I’ll quit the smokes
Write about something else altogether
But if I do die I know how it will happen
Face down on my computer, death by choke
Actually come to think of it I told my mom I’d throw out the trash
So it is in fact time for me to dash
See you in the smoking area