So here it is
A ferocious feeling that I may just need to quit the smokes
Running through town the other evening on catching wind of that all too common choke
Doesn’t help the hangover
When I’m leaned over the toilet bowl, coughing my lungs out on top of being so far from sober
Been running a while
Through town with a smile
Got replaced with a frown owing to the pong atop everything else
Thinking about it some more, I only ever need them when feeling a pinch of fret
Now that that’s fallen by the wayside maybe it’s best I let them slide
Not hide the box
One every two hours, then at the end of the day one helluva shower
I’ll run better, feel fitter
Heavier pockets too
Get to drop into the local at lunchtime for some hearty food
Smoke away if you like
It’s none of my business, just where I’m at right now
Sitting in my brother’s chair upstairs, breathing a whole lot better
Know what I call that, progress to the last
Five smokes per day whatever the weather