Shunned by the persistently improbable, and that nurturing imbecile has to have miraculously managed his very blatantly best at creating

This ill-awares, decidedly awkward nature…
Supposedly so, s/he wishes to psychologically process, progress and righteously remain…

Gently gender-typified for now…

Yes, indeed it’d be rather routinely rude for him not to valiantly adhere with this – a most modern-day of marvellous miracles

That ferocious and suggestively sentimentally feeling

That s/he should in fact fundamentally re-appear… to be
Dressed pearl-necklaced in pink and swimming fair attractively within… … the ambivalent frame of that magnificent body of bare-naked masculinity

And prone to forcing himself to care again

Too. Much. Altogether.

Is this really forever?

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