She smiles and prepares these precious fingers to duck ‘n’ shrewdly dive
Atop a most inviting page
Wage multi – coloured, – imagined war, outright manic endeavour
To tempt the icing into rigorous, all too tantalisingly obvious place – set the taste ridiculously alight
Enthused to refuse to stop
Stir and air these particular senses for a thousand – and – one such homegrown souls to both see and breathe it magnificently in
Drench a roaving, rising eye
Kindly, gladly, all too serendipitously
And then the page took fierce and fanciful curvature flight
Soon as night becomes day again, she gets to sit, to see it all for the very first time – fashioned and aligned to unmatched perfection
Respect garnered, she pardons herself to delve someplace else, someplace a little less unsettling, perhaps