A mind too expansive for this life, simply depicting what is enviously incredible

And the wailing baby piano plays her in, vivaciously and willing to make mediocre to excellent sense again – the hungry professional brain with its telling necessity to proceed midst the neat and standing strain of page after page of dipping dancing diving tricks

Soliloquy, it seems and utterly at one with no other person but for
Her breathtaking breaking nature aside exploratory tendencies – to take her nestled restless favoured red and reckless fingers and to preciously press each one till impressively entangled against

Masterfully manicured atop of each of every shapely nail so that a widely nurturing audience shall knowingly accept a fair level of complete prettiness – this is her undeniable whipsmart living breathing concentrated asphyxiation which will forever process and wrestle with a masterful degree of rare and rather not wholly worship it sentiment

Parcel-wrapped and sizeably, suitably, strapped to an almighty amorous body of dutifully submerging bones

Which do moan and groan but, mostly, lean in… beneficially

To take dedicated shape and with it solemnly promise her eager listening ear that they shall delicately kiss each one of these devoted eighty-eight entrapment keys
Is to predominantly prioritise and at wrought-iron will… she won’t she though… viciously please a million reestablised memories?

Which float devotedly overhead and in total unison with the whispering nature of the whole stolen universal structure
Which stands above and in a state or incomparable irrepair with her stinging demons
Hand in hand and both nemesis’s handsomely dressed and especially ready to dip dance and dive, typically against the strength of her pulsating shoulder blades

Tells her that she is, in fact, the only real masterpiece and that the bodaciously implemented skills of each and every next blessedly pressed inanimate piano key is yet to matrimonially meet her at the middle
It has been chasing her rather than she, it – begging for the prodigious ‘chicken’ to lay its golden egg

Which came first though, nature or nurture…