Her mid-evening smoke screens suggest such a mightily fragrant thing – a pressed thriller-lip and we are all otherworldly equipped

About to be bountifully instilled with vigour and righteously reconfigured rounds of a paused thought

With preciously peculiar moments parcel-wrapped and heavenly, heavily enticed and delightfully entrapped midst this beautifully bestowed girl’s plagiarised aside forever playful perfection

Her weaponry words can and will reconstruct themselves to sentimentally caress the underbelly of my creatively contagious design – Any time, kindly mind

And I’ve been mesmerically radicalised by these uncontrollably explosive eyes of sidled aside hers

Finally arisen to arrive right by where sensuous sense takes immaculate and majestical meaning from its settled self
Shape-shifting to make moments oh so sudden and softening to the tantalised touch, broached surface comfortably laid out til blessedly, sexually interspersed

Thirsty for more…
Sellout? Absolutely… for she is my natural-born duty who knows no truer bounds but to breathe easily

And she is incorrigible, encourages herself again to designate all of our boisterous bonds by way of sinfully suggestive insinuation

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