As they agreed to their brother’s greatest livid seething sickness – of both heart and mind

Neither or any of it a meticulous decision but, rather

A reckless and insufficient balance of the brain. A mimicry to silently survive…Addled and advancing albeit, ultimately running in far-reaching circles… a makeshift entitlement, a strenuous must, if he will!!

Instilled pain of the brain with the nauseating pace of a spun bicycle wheel. Because the old poets habitually told him to compare something to anything… to feel absolutely e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g

A million-times-a-thousand and since his teenage years got caught collapsed in non-stop scatterings… of endless emotions come home to roost… …

Like a hot-air balloon

Held at the nape of the neck by a phantasmal monster of compulsive and cornered concentration – What of all of this one-way traffic, say ye… sent spiraling nervously toward utter panic and heart-suffering Sedation, though!?

As he gasps for that all-important sense of cradled and clarified attention–Ammunition and a-i-m-e-d at a paranoid sense of everybody else: Everywhere!

Every other detailed day of the week – jaded and fighting like a bargaining chip boxer of featherweight shape and devastatingly bothered by the other person’s interrupting levels of senseless beliefs – only nobody should ever feel this manner of intrusive indecision yet again!

Of repetition on scatter-crashing repeat… … …And the gloves are off, soft-to-the-touch of a tender sense of deathly enthused decimation and destruction

And silently sinking, compliantly… to his magnetized knees whilst begging them, “PLEASE!!”…As each brand-new and resurfacing sucker-punch places an unpardonable strain upon (the strength of) his tidal-wave brain

A man: both goaded and guided by contractually obliged lies of the mind, “Oh, my!”

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