Dress me up, please
From the top of my head down to the tips of these manicured toes on my feet – I’m a cross-dresser and these men are turning out none-too-impressed
Their loss is my absolute pleasure
Couldn’t care less, with a delicious and sweetly besieged Marlboro cigarette narrowing my contagious growl, I can finally see it all
A pretty red and slender dress to silence these inner demons, been missing what’s pristine far too long
Trimmed like a hardcore princess, these mammoth thighs are typically trembling
Now hand me your bespoke jewel, for I’m about to take to that stage, cause a multitude of wrong-way-round frowns – the kind we’ve been only ever getting to dream of
‘Til now…
Can you not simply see that I am perhaps the very best that I can be, these people will follow me, take it upon themselves entirely to delve on into their very own box of manicured tricks
Revlon won’t send you too far wrong…
Leave the opposite replication away on its very own vacation
That was in fact the true fabrication in many ways
Now please take a seat and watch the most beautiful ‘woman’ in the widest world pour like never before – stored amongst these miraculous genes which will take it decidedly upon themselves to strut all too sexily within

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