When we take ourselves off to the strangest places and proceed to knit our minds GENTLY together yet again. It’s fabulously fabricated, actually, how they enter their Neanderthal names inside of a brown envelope Called Str!fe and slope on UP and away…

From anyone else’s sense of legalised reckoning. She’s a serious protege and she likes to think of herself As No Person At All But For

A redundancy package in waiting. “Where have they called to by now, and who the hell are they even attempting to playfully plagiarise?”

Indeed, it’s been
A mountain
of questions and with one man standing At The Edge OF PLEASING HIMSELF and asking: “for a brand new name please. And MAKE IT MOMENTARILY (inter)CHANGEABLE.”

When the shoe is on the other flimsy little maniCURED foot and she Ventures into these {LITTLE} pieces of Pedant!c places with her

Hugely anticipatory soul • “nearly almost…”
Adjusting to mother effinG EVERY1! and no one eLsE

All In One “GO!!!” Even if, she IS a few too many hints in

All in one “GO(!!))”

Dedicated to @davidholmes83 – a truly amazing man. I love his documentary called David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived. Taught me a helluva lot, and thank you for that, David 👊