Needlessly, constantly over-easy and fixated by this – nocturnally accustomed event

Downright vilified til unspeakably affected
By that – monstrous over-enticement
The bend and the pull and the sway at the break

And here we adhere to
The tease at the turn of the nib of a rather resolute pen

Yet again, dog-eared into secretive oblivion, wishes upon an ethereal prayer

To make meandering and differential sense

To breathe the rhythm and rhyme atop one next time – to carefully, peacefully, graciously catch the break of that analytical line before it restores itself back to full-on whimsical necessity

This is ‘The Floridian Project’ – encapsulated and it is beginning to all of it feel

A little bit regurgitated for its decidedly upsetting worth … and back to bed again

With him

And this pen will turn itself over time again and stir midst these ceaseless whispering’s of his … til the ink sinks and swims deeper, dearer within