Somehow he sees only one way in
Rhapsodic by visually impaired nature
So soon as when decidedly stranger things have failed to happen
To make their own way home again
Yet, oh my
By enthusiastically vehement way of utterly complicated communication
Gathers and gently fends for its favourite-best self
By my, oh my
These alarming eyes
Of mine
Mind nullifies the treated heat of battle
Behemoth matters indeed
Each of every time
Confiscated notoriously
Oh so very damnright downright compulsively
Computing our favourite-greatest mannerisms in just such an entertaining fashion
— Brain-wired and rather riotously alive —
Self-flagellant passion pressed against our loosening lips for sudden sunken survival
Just so that they can finally both invitingly manage to know it
That they are able to make meaningfully mediocre sense
Of everything and, most of the time then, only ever them-treasured-selves
So that their vices – their natural-born, Vaudevillean voices – can become
Their number-one endeavour in this whole-wide ventriloquised world
Our trembling shoulder/s

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