We were ending our isolations one peppering of prestige per time / it’s courageous and courteous for us to’ve —->> entitled ourselves to another Round~Of~Riotous SELF devaluation… even if it’s been coming hot, cold, and creatively for the best part of

A narrow-minded existence. “Pleased to savour the sight of yet another homespun enthusiasm, we were endlessly welcomed-in time again, as these spearheading people appear wise behind their Delicate ear.”

If it’s not been impossible then it’s… definitely been decorated pitifully with layabout levels of unforgettable debris. And if the

Missing piece to the jigsaw really saw too it that we all played our immaculate pARTS, then let us Begin

“to C-A-V-E the roof right in… it’s a homing-device kinda thing that’s sent our HAPPYasHELL(…) minds back to… “why(??)” didn’t we get ourselves to trying.” To put our mixed~up eMoTiOnS inside of a bubble called

Commonplace dramatisation – adapted from, and for, the MIND-screen and, Therein(?) Lies(!!)