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This peculiar man-child seems to speak amidst a seriously twisted and cumbersome slur: to have and to daftly stutter second to none other right about now, so it does indeed appear to rather humorously be

He’s your a-typical danger-stranger – sentimental aside carrying with him a quickfire need to breathe her downright every single over-enthusiastic thing immediately on in

The hoped for one-night-stand, to charmingly disarm of his own unnaturally born accord her monstrously bejewelled hand – piercingly personalised finger-rings at the absolute ready, the knowing sting in a modern day beauty queen’s viciously kept tail when needs feel

Settle your beautifully tapestried body down upon his rapturously awaiting bed – say when

Come the burgeoning turn of the following a.m. surely this painstakingly obvious truth cherried atop direly set inadequacies of only ever his will out themselves for her quiveringly naked something-scintillating to finally see