They were doing the new things for the effing well sake of shaking it…. allDOWN actually –
That bombastically bodacious endeavour set to pleasure us all into believing in

Utter bliss— it’s… an obnoxious thing to feel Upside down and NONEtooWonderful. Indeed, the set seed seems to’ve gained its own grain.

“Talking with people about this, that, ANDeveryLITTLEthing really is

A heart filled pleasure all of its own dragon—-breath— no such egoTwIsTiCaL threat to

Anyone else.” Who you are and what you wereAddingAllUp+++++++ to IS… … .. another state of

Military bLiS$(!) “We have stayed the utter dis——TancE and taken those LATTER-day/DaZe shaky hAnDs(and flittering fISTs…) and brought them BACK:: to utter under, actually, ~DevelopMent(!!)”

It’s rather nice and natural what’s been DEEMED TO’VE happened inside of their VEILING of (unREVEALED)minds ::: how, though, Thoroughly so… “wereWE(!!..!!) ever supPOSED to

Get to that focal point and place of ——>>> locational cReAtiOn..?” Just effingWELL sensationaAl:: “how far they went against Said Grain.” And set to remain =forever embedded in our harmonious pSyChE