With a lonely pencil – simply 4B – above an ear, this shielded him from any sudden letdown
Possible meltdown
The barrier behind the barrier if ever it should fall
Could, indeed
All of these colours immediate and in front attempting in relative vain to infuse, diffuse
Never so bad as to confuse
Or so he does hope
See, he ain’t no Dali
Just natural quality, drive and ability to go rather magnificent when needs be
All of this in utter focus via the crumpled bridge of a beautiful bar brawl nose
A flawed diamond shining amongst the oh so fickle albeit at the exact same time flavoursome rough
There’s your surrealism right there
Seems to me he will stay on with his brush
Stroking and poking ’til the early a.m. goes full-moon circle, comes right back round again
Always rather haunting by the middle
You see, I watch him through a window
Difficult for me to say right now seeing as I am, in fact, shackled inside of a prison

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