His blue blazer is pressed to within an ironed inch – been meaning to bring it back to the absolute fore
A crowd of rather affable people sitting head-on, strong in their utter resilience to see him work a little magic
This mind does indeed work all kinds of wonders
A tragedy, really
All of this the ultimate imagining
He will need to be quixotic, to settle his particular tonic ’til besieged each and every aligned one of them
The pen has done its time, and a wanton for attention fails to mention the obvious, all too alarming elephant in the room – namely bi-polar
Yet this is his peculiar empire for now at least
A feast for these eyes which get to see nothing else
The undeniable high before an excruciating low takes yo-yo hold once more – safe to say that it’s all been manically stored
Then they all disappear, so near yet oh so fantastically far

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