There it was, right in front of my Goddamn eyes, the view to outdo all views, won’t say where I was, only as much as pray that this beautiful landscape one day comes your way
I know what they say, that fine oceans and rolling fields should do the trick, and they’re right, it might, but this is a different kind of ocean altogether, an entirely more enticing wind
Also, it can all depend upon your mood, your overall attitude when it comes to being that little bit more open
A fine glass of white wine won’t hurt either, and neither will it kill you to invite a few strangers up onto your terrace, might not be your abode right now but it’ll still leave them mightily impressed
Just one suggestion, try and take it all in before the wind heads on off in another direction, to a far more inviting destination, leaving you reminiscing oh so sadly, badly over past sins
This is where the white wine won’t help, has you moaning and groaning with one hell of a hangover come morning, just a warning
So be sure to take it all in, forget your sins for a while and dine with the finest out there
I mean it, absolutely no room here for despair
Take it all in, my friend, the fresh Atlantic sea air
All sparks will burn out