It all set itself off by a most improbable spark
Where Chinese whispers turned their hungry ear to out and out havoc
Ladies and mental men, I give you one Manny Wakefield
Submerged in an absolute mind-boggling degree of turmoil
And yes, most probably all of his own seemingly influential accord
Tie a red ribbon right round him and, rest-assured, it will go back on itself entirely, fall away to flailing ashes
The passion appearing to be outrageously flipped the wrong way down
He will still try and pound these eerie cobblestone pavements, yet it was just meant to be his holy grail agony
All fastidiously pouring on into him
No obvious sin had ever really occurred on his typically wayward part, yet this just the way things seemed to need to breathe
Alcohol in the early a.m., loneliness dripping from his pin-pricked left arm – namely his new worst best-friend introducing itself as heroin
These piercingly blue eyes doing ninety, all too agonisingly driven, frightfully sprightly when left of their own harrowing devices

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