There no doubt a certain degree of cacophony flow
Albeit rather ego-driven
So many important decisions to be made right this very minute
A relative parade setting itself solemnly in place
Flaked out upon his bed, sent to wrestle with the whole damn procedure
One earmarked fixture at a time
Analytical perhaps, rather ironic but mathematical in many a way
Trust me, he never had any kind of say when it came to that!
But poetry not at all where his love of writing may lie
Although you just cannot ignore that aforementioned flow
He did so much as dip a toe and now you come at him in your droves
Proposing this… proposing that
So far from normal it will only ever be enticing
Slicing, dicing, ’til you may end up with this particular poem upon your lap
Wholeheartedly letting him steal you away all over again
Seems for the time being at least he may just have found his ZEN

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