He is a thirst – ridden Anglo – Saxon sexy behemoth mess
An Alpha – Male trickster sonofabitch
About to be shit, shower and shaved, egotistically trimmed to an inch of his bone – dry being – simply glistening
knocked back ‘Strange fellow’ beer
To cajole, to thrill a hundred – and – one known to be promiscuous women with nothing but time aside burning bright desire flamed inside of besotted minds
Takes his place at centre – stage to hone tremendously on in, right by the part that sets fire to their wanderlust, contagiously hungered hearts all over again
A mastercraft line to meet their every single cheer
Soaked scintillatingly so, to extraordinarily cope, gladly deravel their damn near everything within
Shake and Coax their favourite Miss Fantasia knickers to the pool of love floor