Marvelously so, no two ways
There three of us in it
Right from the onset, loggerheads to beat the merriest band on show known to any man, woman
Fair’s fair, you had every right whatsoever to open up a can of woop-ass on me
Yet, eventually this thing had to go one of two ways, never both
We placed her right in the middle, letting ourselves claw it out
Amount to nothing and absolutely everything, in one way or other
Then again, she never held back, knew the score full well and, still, she stood back – as much as partook – watched all of it happen, smothered us hardly even so much as wholeheartedly
And, now, this particular threesome of ours will always remain devotedly apart, a dart slung right through any sort of heart that may just have been left breathing in the very last instance
I do wonder whose it is

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