They’ve designed to a duty to something much more.. maybe memorable? Maybe even… enough of one such made memory to make a few too many people “wow” in wonder. The design part itself, though. Hmm. It’s something inside the artist which they really have no interest in trying to describe. To them it might be quite like asking a model to describe their features. Boring. Been there, done that, actually living that particular dream. You don’t and won’t want to touch it. For fear of suddenly not being able to actually create anything, or simply for fear of that aforementioned sense of fear alone. And many won’t create all that often, and while that’s utterly fine, you might find yourself wondering what on Earth they do with the rest of their time. Some will drink, some will teeter about the place, happy as a pig in shit. Many will also, of course, try and figure another way in- a way back to managing to create… something. Anything, in fact. Then, well, the much hoped for flicker will take shape- be it a hard, harsh flame or a tiny little flicker, how they continue to approach it will obviously determine the outcome. And then when the outcome does arrive? They forget about it just as fast as that first flicker may have taken shape.