I’ve sumptuously caressed the whole damn thing, been parading my Manhattan wits – splitting what’s wonderful in two such ways
Paying for these early-a.m. coffees by the bucketload, my musically avid mind managing to explode all over the place, a downright homegrown taste for cotton candy like never before
Now, just pour…
Like no-one may have ever permitted, salt and vinegar exterior, an outright ability to manically see ten thousand things at a most telling time
When we let ourselves get all kinds of messy beneath this lavishly lit midnight sky – cocktail shenanigans second to none other
Hanging right there rather precarious and entirely overhead, strumming oh so endlessly along
Glad to be just about alive
I can be the deliciously juiced Granny Smith apple to your altogether quixotic eye
Been waiting inside of my blue-collared tuxedo existence awhile, zero-ing on in
Trimming the out layer ’til finally turning both solid and still these intricate explanations of their own rapturous and haphazard accord
Not a word, for I’ve earned it

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