Dishevelled and distantly distracted by dutiful Dostoyevskian they seem… about as beautifully beleaguered as possible: these… pardon the lack of PuN.. hot and CROSS ones

It isn’t easy to act simpleminded and starry eyed at the exact same tIcKiNg oF tIMe. “Where were they whenever they needed our utter attention(?) but for distracting the distraction of a strife-time.

When the rhyme gathered to carry its sedated state of worship on its own, “and we initially DO seek to DO… … .. all of these inhospitable things. Indeed, “she breathes like a

Ghost of a Once Upon A Good, g-o-o-d+girl, at one with, Ahem… TWO worlds.” To picture this is to puRELY picture THAT+ universal thirst for

—— delight-led enthusiasm. It’s obnoxious to assume such a thing, and it’s definitely Derogatory to carry a gathered Blade Of SWoRd TO THE TABLE OF UTTEREDworship…

Atop of their :: “my oh my mesmerised minds.” Aforementioned and seeking to quench their own thirst…. as we burst into silence.. .”