They hid this one right out
No doubt about it, this was absolutely happening
Most definitely tonight
For more people to see than they could ever know
A quick smoke whist she did her bit- hovering all over, relatively sober
Just. The. Way. It. Was. Meant. To. Be
“We must record this,” or so he said
Seems every man dreams of a solid image catching this particular girl giving them head
Seems the best kept secrets are dead
No bed, no nothing, just a seedy toilet seat
Trembling feet doing ninety
One more toke followed by a choke; phone in his left hand, smoke in the other
She could straighten her hair all over again soon as she was done
Then, what did he do… he misplaced his fucking phone in the first place
Both his face and hers – his more so – right there down in digital for all of the world to see
Flee, goddamnit, flee!!!