The norm by all high fired circumspect circumstances – please release to gloriously reconfigure these warlord demons and see,

We are we are utterly utmost prioritised by an unmatched ability

To flee the captor’s taloned grasp and to simply be – as normally remote aside upstride properly controlled as we shall ever quite rightfully feel

This has happened and that is absolutely alright, so very long as you step a foot right by a fragrantly set future

You ‘beautiful’ thing… what she has managed to uncontrollably do has garnered unfathomed respect, which she shall breathe amidst these trustily concocted smithery details

The derailment was second to none other, so you do know – the all of nothing, barbarically paradoxical struggle

Frustration breathes unbelievable pain


Still humble – ego-fed albeit tactfully disinterested to turn this mirrored instance right back upon yourself

No one ever asked for any of this
When you suddenly forced the better bits to bribe your perfectly working brain, to retrain and realign its mind-bogglingly unawares, dis-configured mind

Find the time and go again.. you were f**king notoriously relentless to this thing

And Therein Lies The Real ‘Genius’, if you please permit her this particularly necessary admittance, however unimaginatively unseen, by you and your luckily untainted upon few