They borrowed ambivalence for the sake of being extra sporadic and particularly spectacular with themselves. They even

Gently did it again(..) Wired their words to a single suffering of thought.. and to think that: “what ought to have really happened here was utterly unACCUSTOMED” –

as their avid & creative minds StiR andCLIMB to—- soothingly ExplOde:: back to reality, “to hell with this GrAviTatIoNaL PuLl, ya’ll(..)”

‘Cos she does appear to have dideded the right and irregular thing this time. “It’s been.. a breath stressed out to the MAX / and about -/

To take all of this Dostoyevskian SHIT back.” Yes, maybe they wear makeUP because OUR faces can’t take it
– and to dispel our sense of worship