They’ve guarded themselves again HEAVILY-AGAINST all of these other people with their minds-and-hearts all-of-the-way torn Radically a-PART.. at the… ahem, SEAMS

that tHEy have NOT depARTed this part of the cradled conversation although // they DO wish to w-i-s-e-l-y-n-all cause us ALL

To turn our=time RIGHTBACK to that Mesmerising, MeltAHeartmoment and aforeMENTIONED dIlApiDatEd plACE..

Of U-T-T-E-R distaste, ACTUALLY(.) What’s been actually archived-AND-achieved is: rather regularly Remarkable AND m-o-s-t CERTAINLY

A none-to-egotistical endeavour, indeed:: “we HAVE a-t-t-e-m-p-t-e-d to end our EndLess dAzEAgAiN…”

Not-to-remain completely upside-downNOW(.) and cathartically ConFUSED-by-it-all, Thank you .

BeCAUSE, What HAD Happened is::: the outrageously UProarioUS-and-IrregularStoryboarding depiction AND scaled-down deSCRIPTion……

Of ONEman tightlyTIEDtoHISownMIGHTof—-> mind/// how you DO treat him because he IS

AcutelyAware . As to the delicate despair which w-i-l-l fail to Repair itself if you DO turn the other cheek and fail

(toSpeak!!!) tongue IN-cheek