Officially they’ve been barking UP the wRonG tReE typically. They’ve even crossed their.. ahem, I’s and dotted their t-r-a-v-e-s-t-y of T’s—

We’ve seen too many things ALTOGETHER to NOT make an appointment of opinion, an Open-ended Letter to

Them, actually(..) these people of all sorts of really oughta remain.. wildly ambitious and, Secondly, these

Marmite individuals. PEOPLE who could NOT care-any-less whether we like them
Or l-o-a-t-h-e their timeframe of mInD: be kind though, yeah?

Because what they are taking AND talking Themselves thru’ is NOT of me and You.

They have been both bothered by it all and NOT AT ALL BOTHERED BY THIS sense
Of endless NONsense. Which messes with their perfect mEaNderIng Of mainSTREAM BrAiN. “Let them LET IT pUlSaTE, please…”

And at specifically whImSicAl PaCe. Place your trUSt in them- as they are about to set fire

To the AntAgoNisEd Flame- shame what came before
As their alternative rEaLity Is NoT To hAvE BeEn AdOrEd

Even if, they’ve tied their minds to the highest form of flattery that they can handle