They seemed to ‘like’ to adhere to these strangely fixated and focused moments of

Hyperactive uncertainty, actually(!) That… JUST.. something problematical and shrewdly uNrUlY wAs about to turn itself irreparABLY AND uNcOnTrOllAbLy wrong again. These deCONstructed people of unequalled mental merit, actually, have INDEED been taken

To THAT unaccountable PlAcE of said deCONstructed… … enthusiasm, ACTUALLY. And it WAS born out of… Utterly ABSOLUTELY NOTHING(!) of ANY note-worthy reckoning in fact. In fact, in-FACT…

an unIMAGINABLE imbAlAnCe-of-brain has to have had happened TO THEM and to thunderously outdo

greatest known mental sHakeUP in his, OR her, preciously-kept hiSTORY, and they HAD to have had been a-c-t-i-n-g—-

DEMONstratively maniacal and beyond-the-BEHIND… of anyoneELSE’S particular way of even beginning to t-r-y and let themselves

Think, ALL about themselves HERE NOW and for a LITTLE whole while longer, please: so as to systematically let that piercingly pLaYFuL smile of theirs become —

its very own JUDGEment-cALL again