We weren’t even entitling ourselves to the generous scheme of it all, were not even willing to’ve been – bOnKeRs and madly sadly DAFTlY over the top actually.

But… what if… “all of the words with all of their lexicon of meaning Wear themselves {GENEROUSLY} thin: and we tend to go — hard, Hella Happy, and utterly under-enthused Anyway?”

Highly frightful and highly recommended too – “that we find a brand new route= of determined description, as all of them there aforesaidly sad little tasteless faces

Reckon in yet another Pointless Mother Bloody OrdEal inside of their – Rockafella Mind$!” Slightly enthused now, and trusting the people with their hearts ripped comfortably at the ticker-tape seams.

In the part whereIN we were REALLY supposed to stop and slip inside of a nastily little nightTerror again, that is EXACTLY-whereIN(….)

He have to, have to… HAVE TO: IMMEDIATELY manage at DAFTly making sense of the most nonsensical brain… ahem, “ever imbalanced to be ((tragically)) ImAginEd?”