A merrily twisted amalgam of rhapsodic words held forth – and this natural-born auteur shall tie his unspectacularly brilliant mind right by the waterfall of uproarious creation

Only then can the remaining plagiarist pretenders act upon their very own singularly egotistical pretence – to jadedly transform these juiced-up words and gently turned lucratively toward boisterously begotten brevity

A lecherous level ahead put plain and simply speaking amid taut, thankless utensils which breathe fair unequivocally
With demons in their head-piece… these traversing eyes put upon the inanimate prize which finally became decidedly animated again

This will take an ocean of push-and-pull commotion set-to-sail against mesmerised winds for the beatback waves to roll – explode, emote aside undeniably fail at being in any which way shy anymore

They don’t know your mind – darkest necessities part of our design for the chosen few who truly knew since the agonised beginning

Of winding time
And the ceremonial pen tends to itself so suddenly soon…
Sent upon a wish and a guaranteeing prayer – these are the mistake-laden pen-players who we speak so kindly of and guided by the might of future sentencing centuries set to stroll all of their own

Till it feels rather enviously real again – living and breathing with bleeding stitches bursting at the kaleidoscopically inescapable skin of the scene which ultimately begs to become written in the sands of time – no more walking on eggshells, pl-ease

When the sun came out to greet from beneath his favourite-best dreams