“Nothing and then, suddenly, almost very neatly nothing again. It appeared to be of no-one else’s opinion but his own what drove his spirits as far far higher than hindsight let alone mental anguish can catch, capture it and handle. His professionalism counted for the summation – eagle-eyed estimation, guesstimation rather – of ten-thousand wrongly over-enunciated literary expectations – no rhythm no nothing … no more Anymore, pl-ease. Start to make it instrumentally matter hardly all of that easy anymore. His mere, eager and intriguingly misunderstood and high-falutin angles have been all by themselves spontaneously combusting on upside-down purpose .. yes, no… never enough. Quite… quiet and rightly? Nightly. A sporadic-to-some, if-not-all story – minus illustrative divide!! – pours no less visualified by the might of a writer’s gargantuan life. Only ever words but for the eerie inability (of one wraparound, wrought-iron reader) to put pen back by the holder’s otherwise fixated and timely – untelling – neverending grin.




With a tonically catatonic atrophy implemented and beneficially imbedded midst this catastrophic mix, then it’ll need to be … miraculously unfiltered til otherworldly instilled”