They ask me if I have the ability to steal the entire show
Courtesy of no more, and certainly no less than a sly and telling whisper
Which goes in one ear, then so much as comes right out of the other
Seems I am doing this particular reading for no-one except myself, finally…
Shelf a while the all too anticipated bravado on the customers’ behalf,as a result mine turning out to be a rather rejuvenated, obviously replicated gusto second-to-none
I ain’t in no mood to be copying the likes of Leonard Cohen
For right this very minute, I am right back to being my father’s second son
Glasses forever in tow, of course
An absolute given
Along with enough crumpled up notes to keep me oh so relatively intact
Exceedingly, please God, on the right track
For the only people that I really need to please wholeheartedly are, in fact, myself as well as the co-owners in kind, namely Simone and Ralph
The rest, whilst they eat on into their delicate cream buns – chatting immaculately amongst themselves – can always come back another time, whenever my rhyme decides it might like to take to them
For these people will always find a reason, I’m sure
Wait one year, perhaps, when I’ve so much as dusted myself off entirely, standing oh so spritely right at the centre of the Poet’s Corner’s makeshift stage, utterly sublime
Please, feel free to find the time at one or other of these aforementioned stages

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