Coated in gold, about to amount to sizably everything – when you so much as dropped your cigarette and invited me on in, thinner than before yet ever-knowing
I don’t suppose I might borrow one of those, these times have been trying, been crying ’til the chill has somehow managed to distill all of these homegrown fears – you do recall when our very own fathers pounded and pummelled us with their ramshackled everything – a pair of limitless alcoholics intent upon drying their only sons right the whole way out
Of course you must…
We’ve been pushed to a seriously harrowing point, seems they anointed us the ones who get to fall
This life is a curse and I don’t know, just don’t know where to go, I can feel the pain course terrifically on through me, please take my hand and dance again
All of these memories far too intent upon intricately destroying us, toying with our every devoid emotion – an ocean of unmatched deceit, and now our Jesus feet must find their own way to say what they seriously long to see – this has turned out to be much worse than a forty day thirst for us
Bottoms-up to these blasted genes!!
Get ready to crack your screaming back ’til meeting me in the middle again – dependent people who cannot but feel a dire need to retreat from time to time, return with an entirely separate kind of liquid standing rather enticingly at hand – namely poisonous, we just must…
Prove that we earned this
They asked for it, didn’t they!!?

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