They shuddered at the terrifically terrible thought of a thousand times over… this godAWFUL UNIVERSAL rumination shared none too SPARINGLY between: a billion people per non-envioUS second. Imagining ALL OF THAT deafening refrain meets

With disdain of the BrAiN: wound right-on/UP TO A point of appearing to

Never(ever, though?!) wish to “GO BACK, plEASE!!”

Yes. These perishing PeOpLe will WanDeR these stifling, brink-enhanced streets face-down, picket/fence teeth ROTTING

At the GriNnInG seams/ and all Awhile, we try
For an upside/down smile to somehow, LORD ACTUALLY KNOWS how, though…

ALLocate and bring themselves backTo the unthinkABLE brink… … of designated under-thinking a(gain)?

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