A torn ego reverberates, as though it were placing itself affably against the granular grain. And (t)his blood cannot but cauterize & curdle like tasteful crazy.

A new page, whole new senti-mental both sensational LIFE … might turn out to be quite nice perhaps… perchance’s are?

Right back: From no heart whatso-NEVER again to a heated over-indulgence of an eager-faced and debatable heART: Just had to, had to … HAD. TO. START

Somewhere … …SOMEPLACE exceptionally pretty-faced
Beneath The natural saturation of the Somme River, pl=ease! Make it so: That it generally both GENEROUSLY f-l-o-w-s

Ever-knowing. And about to break his welterweight nerves set to pose a most angst-arisen threat upon an undervalued society

Of hopeless both hope-filled heroes//Here Goes!

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