My arms are flailing way on up in the air
I’m falling at an almighty pace, so you know the taste has never, ever felt so very good
Food for thought, we really ought to try this again
When, oh when did you ever say that you might just like to fall with me
Free as the fair proverbial bird, when we get to see all of these things we might just deserve to see
Now, breathe…
Let these things fall all over, all round, you and I
So you know, few can, and will, ever get to replicate this downright peculiar fate
Nasty by it’s own high-and-dry admittance
Sedate yourself on in, try and meet me right at the unequivocal middle
String it oh so heavenly back together
Graceless, tasteless, so damn precarious
Straight-jacket significance all balanced upon a serious and blood-soaked knife-edge
Teetering on the absolute brink of reason
Seems we’re just so goddamn fireproof push comes to shove

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