The people who say that she needs to stop just might need to take a serious step on back for themselves
Elfin bastards the whole damn lot of them – deceitful beasts with manic heads bouncing about haphazard shoulders
Time to try and actually remember her particular fallen angels – her mother, instrumental-at-best father, long-lost younger brother with his forever nod in her every single direction
Memories can indeed turn out to be incredibly precious, or so they do tend to say
These people really are managing to get on her every last wick, pile-driving her days insane
Where the fuck goes their seriously promised element of discretion!?
Sticking to what you believe is real can be oh so very harrowingly terrifying
Try as she might they just seem to long to ramshackle her nonetheless
Either way I will take her track-marked arm and breathe all of these decrepit things back on out of her again
‘Til she implodes in the most perfect fashion known to any man
I’m glad I tried to stay the distance
I think I shall permit myself a life of happiness after all

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